IMMANUEL 1 summer 1972

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Preface 1 104k
Hebrew Bible
Binyamin Uffenheimer Some Features of Modem Jewish Bible Research 3 411k
Jacob Liver Studies in the Bible and Judean Desert Scrolls [description by Shmuel Ahituv] 15 217k
Zakhariah Kallai The Tribes of Israel; a study in the Historical Geography of the Bible [book description by Bustenai Oded] 19 128k
Avi Hurvitz Linguistic Observations on the Priestly term ‘edah and the Language of P [summary by the author] 21 195k
New Testament and First Centuries Judaism
Ephraim E. Urbach The Sages, their Concepts and Beliefs [book description by David Flusser] 24 204k
Shmuel Safrai The Jewish People in the Period of the Second Temple [book description by Mervyn Lewis] 29 103k
Joseph Stiassny Development of the Christians’ Self-Understanding in the Second Part of the First Century [summary by Coos Schoneveld] 32 118k
David Flusser The Liberation of Jerusalem: a Prophecy in the New Testament [summary by E. Grafman] 35 120k
David Flusser Martyrdom in Second Temple Judaism and in Early Christianity [summary by Rivka Duker] 37 137k
David Flusser Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes in Pesher Nahum [summary by Harry Gaylord] 39 177k
Menachem Stern Strabo’s Remarks on the Jews [summary by Mervyn Lewis] 42 104k
Jewish-Christian Relations, Past and Present
Chaim Merchavia The Church versus Talmudic and Midrashic Literature (500-1248) [book review by Yehuda Rosenthal] 45 257k
Yochanan Bloch The Foundations of Anti-Judaism in Christianity [summary by Michael Krupp] 51 92k
Uriel Tal The New Pattern in Jewish-Christian Dialogue [summary by Coos Schoneveld] 54 163k
Peter Schneider The Christian-Jewish Dialogue: a Genuine Religious Confrontation [summary by Coos Schoneveld] 57 125k
Yitzhak Minerbi The Vatican and Zionism: the Vatican’s Attitude to Zionism up to the End of World War I (summarised by Ruth Reich) 59 186k
Lyvia Rotkirchen Church Attitudes towards the “Solution of the Jewish Problem” in Hungary [summary by Ruth Reich] 62 174k
Contemporary Religious Life and Thought in Israel
Meir Orian Buber’s Conception of Chassidism [book description by Yocbanan Eldad] 65 159k
Moshe Schwarcz Franz Rosenzweig’s Place in Jewish Philosophy [summary by Yochanan Eldad] 68 82k
Moshe Unna Religion and the State of Israel [summary by Avner Tomaschoff] 70 122k
Eliezer Schweid Zionism and Judaism [summary by Avner Tomaschoff] 73 203k
A Symposium on the Sabbath (extracts from “Petachim’”s English summaries) 77 182k
Ze’ev Löw Sabbath Observance in a Modern State [summary by Aryeh Rubinstein] 83 123k
Sam S. Rackover and Yoel Yanon and Rivka Arad  Religious Observance among Girl Pupils in Religious Schools [summary by Aryeh Rubinstein] 85 109k
Ze’ev W. Falk On the Status of Woman in Jewish Religious Law [summary by the author] 88 50k
Joseph Heinemann Changes in the Text of the Prayers and in Synagogue Arrangements [summary by Ary eh Rubinstein] 89 71k
Michael Corinaldi The Personal Status of the Karaites in Israel [summary by Yochanan Eldad] 91 107k
Hadara Keich The Six Day War and Jewish Identity [summary by Yochanan Eldad] 93 74k
Ehud Luz Between Necessity and Will: Kibbutz Youth Discuss their Jewishness [summary by Aryeh Rubinstein] 95 80k
Hava Lazarus-Yafeh The Holiness of Jerusalem in Islam [summary by Ruth Reich] 97 159k
Ze’ev W. Falk Jerusalem: a View of the Holy City from Christian, Jewish, Islamic and United Nations Sources 100 131k
George Appleton The Role of Jerusalem 104 189k