IMMANUEL A Journal of Religious Thought and Research in Israel

Immanuel is an organ of religious research in Israel, dedicated to promoting dialogue between Christians and Jews and to disseminating abroad the experience gained in this dialogue. It appears either semi-annually or as a yearbook devoted to a focal theme, and reflects the study programs and research of the Ecumenical Theological Research Fraternity in Israel.
Its contributors are Jews and Christians living in Israel, augmented by contributions from others having a direct interest in de Christian-Jewish dialogue in this country.

Immanuel was founded by Jacobus (Coos) Schoneveld, in the year 1972. The last issue (26/27) was published in 1994.

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26/271994Orthodox Christians and Jews on Continuity and Renewal
24/251990The New Testament and Christian-Jewish Dialogue
22/231989People, Land and State of Israel. Jewish and Christian Perspectives
21summer 1987
20spring 1986
19winter 1984/85
18fall 1984
17winter 1983/84
16summer 1983
15winter 1982/83
14fall 1982
13fall 1981
12spring 1981
11fall 1980
10spring 1980
9winter 1979
8spring 1978
7spring 1977
6spring 1976
5summer 1975
4summer 1974
3winter 1973/74
2spring 1973
1summer 1972