IMMANUEL 10 spring 1980

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Hebrew Bible
Raymond Tournay The Song of Songs and its Concluding Section 5 441k
Binyamin Uffenheimer A Decade Since Jacob Liver’s Untimely Passing; A Retrospect 15 278k
Yair Hoffman The S.E. Lowenstamm Jubilee Volume [book review] 21 220k
Shalom H. Paul A Rich Compendium of Biblical and Ancient Near East Knowledge — On: “Eretz Israel”, Vol. 14, H.L. Ginsberg Volume [book review] 25 285k
New Testament and First Centuries Judaism
David Flusser The Hubris of the Antichrist in a Fragment from Qumran 31 325k
Michael Sokoloff The Giv‘at ha-Mivtar Aramaic Tomb Inscription in Paleo-Hebrew Script and its Historical Implications 38 502k
Joseph Yahalom Synagogue Inscriptions in Palestine; A Stylistic Classification 47 441k
Moshe Beer The Hereditary Principle in Jewish Leadership [summary] 57 236k
Chana Safrai David Flusser’s Collected Studies and Essays [book review] 62 222k
Clemens Thoma A Medieval Hebrew Work on the History of Judaism During the Second Temple Period — On: David Flusser’s new edition of The Josippon [book review] 66 196k
Jewish-Christian Relations, Past and Present
Shahe Ajamian People, Land and Faith: An Armenian-Orthodox Perspective (with some comments by Ze’ev W. Falk) 69 432k
Mikhail Agursky Some Russian Orthodox Reactions to Early Zionism: 1900-1914 82 310k
Abraham David The Persecution of French Jewry During the Shepherds’ Crusade of 1251 [translation] 89 382k
Contemporary Religious Life and Thought in Israel
Jonathan Omer-Man Modern Manifestations of Jewish Mysticism; Background and Survey 97 390k
Pinhas H. Peli Heschel in Jerusalem - Interview [translation] 108 259k
Shmuel Shilo Modern Issues in Jewish Law — On: “Shenaton ha-Mishpat ha-Ivri”, vols. 1-5 [book review] 114 504k