IMMANUEL 11 fall 1980

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Preface 5 86k
Hebrew Bible
Binyamin Uffenheimer The Concept of the Chosen People and Pagan Thought 7 351k
Sarah Kamin Rashi’s Exegetical Categorization with Respect to the Distinction Between Peshat and Derash 16 559k
New Testament and First Centuries Judaism
Michael L. Klein Palestinian Targum and Synagogue Mosaics 33 842k
David Flusser and Shmuel Safrai  Who Sanctified the Beloved in the Womb [translation] 46 420k
David Rokéah The Concept of the “Election of Israel” in the Pagan-Christian Polemic of the Roman Empire [translation] 56 360k
Jewish-Christian Relations, Past and Present
Moshe Idel Abulafia on the Jewish Messiah and Jesus 64 624k
Samuel Ettinger Jew Hatred in its Historical Context [translation] 81 474k
Joseph Kaplan R. Saul Levi Morteira’s Treatise “Arguments Against the Christian Religion” [summary] 95 676k
Contemporary Religious Life and Thought in Israel
Penina Peli Interviews: Some Contemporary Jewish Views on Gentiles and Interfaith Dialogue 113 520k