IMMANUEL 12 spring 1981

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Preface 7 152k
Hebrew Bible
Binyamin Uffenheimer Aspects of the Spiritual Image of Deutero-Isaiah 9 442k
Gershon Brin R. Judah he-Hasid: Early Bible Exegete Rediscovered 21 375k
New Testament and First Centuries Judaism
Joseph Tabory The Passover Eve Ceremony — An Historical Outline 32 468k
Yochanan Ronen Mark 7:1-23: “Traditions of the Elders” 44 409k
Moshe David Herr Prof. Shimshon Rosenthal: In Memoriam 55 257k
Jewish Thought and Spirituality
Abraham David R. Gedalya Ibn Yahya’s Shalshelet haKabbalah (Chain of Tradition): A Chapter in Medieval Jewish Historiography 60 658k
Moshe Idel The Attitude to Christianity in Sefer HaMeshiv 77 787k
Nehemya Aloni Rabbi Shemuel Ben Hofni’s Torah Commentary: A Review of Greenbaum’s Edition [book review] 96 282k
Jewish-Christian Relations, Past and Present
Ze’ev W. Falk The Mission of Israel: A View from Within 102 319k
Israel Ta-Shma Judeo-Christian Commerce on Christian Holy Days in Medieval Germany and Provence 110 446k
Samuel Ettinger History as a Goal [in memoriam Yitzhak Baer] 123 247k
David Tamar Scholar of The Second Temple Period [in memoriam Yitzhak Baer] 129 267k
Contemporary Religious Life and Thought in Israel
Rivka Horwitz Gnosticism and Creation in Buber’s Philosophy 135 604k
Coos Schoneveld Postscript and Preface 152 322k