IMMANUEL 13 fall 1981

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Preface 5 107k
Hebrew Bible
Joshua Schwartz Sinai in Jewish Thought and Tradition 7 307k
Joseph Tabory A Key to the Rabbinic Bible: A Review of Torah ha-Ketubah veha-Messurah [book review] 15 219k
Yaira Amit A New Outlook on the Book of Chronicles [book review] 20 338k
New Testament and First Centuries Judaism
Ze’ev Safrai The Administrative Structure of Judea in the Roman and Byzantine Period 30 434k
Ray Pritz On Brandon’s Rejection of the Pella Tradition 39 260k
Joseph Tabory A Millenium of Jewish Literature: A Review of Sarei ha-Elef [book review] 44 256k
Jewish Thought and Spirituality
Z.M. Rabinowitz The Midrashic Works of the Jews of Yemen 50 320k
Moshe Idel Wirszubski’s Contribution to Research in Christian Kabbalah [book review] 57 319k
Moshe Idel A Note Concerning the Origins of Flavius Mithridates’ “Vetus Talmud” 64 225k
Jewish-Christian Relations, Past and Present
Frank Talmage The Polemical Writings of Profiat Duran 69 613k
Zvi Bacharach Christianity and Anti-Semitism: Ettinger’s Modern Anti-Semitism [book review] 86 237k
Ezra Mendelsohn The Foreign Relations of the Jews: Katz’ Sinat Yisrael [book review] 91 197k
Contemporary Religious Life and Thought in Israel
Michael Rosenak Do Jews See the World Differently? An Educational Perspective 95 414k
Pinhas H. Peli “Jewish Religiosity” According to Buber 107 566k
Avital Wohlman The Question of Joshua and the Response of I. Leibovitz 124 153k