IMMANUEL 18 fall 1984

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Preface 5 697k
Hebrew Bible
Binyamin Uffenheimer Ancient Hebrew Prophecy — Political Teaching and Practice 7 5023k
Shmuel Ahituv New Studies in the Bible [Book review] 22 1855k
New Testament and First Centuries Judaism
Ephraim E. Urbach Humanistic Aspects of Jewish Law 28 5058k
Jewish Thought and Spirituality
Mikhail Agursky Universalist Trends in Jewish Religious Thought 43 3381k
Moshe Idel Notes in Wake of the Medieval Jewish-Christian Polemic [Book review] 54 3007k
Jewish-Christian Relations, Past and Present
Bernhard Erling Martin Luther and the Jews in Light of his Lectures on Genesis 64 4709k
Wesley Brown Christian Understandings of Biblical Prophecy, Israel and the Land and the Christian-Jewish Encounter Today 79 4968k
Contemporary Religious Life and Thought in Israel
Pinhas H. Peli Contemporary History and the Principles of Judaism 96 2855k
Tamar Ross Scholem, Mysticism and Living Judaism [Review-Essay] 106 6013k
Bulletins 125 1153k