IMMANUEL 2 spring 1973

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Preface 1 77k
Hebrew Bible
Meir Weiss The Bible as it is: Bible Hermeneutics based on Modern Literary Theory [book review by Pinhas Carny] 3 236k
Binyamin Uffenheimer Ancient Prophecy in Israel [summary by the author] 8 203k
J.C. Greenfield The Bible and Jewish History: Studies in Bible and the Literature of the Second Temple Period, dedicated to the memory of Jacob Liver [book description by J. C. Greenfield] 13 229k
Moshe Garsiel A Review of Recent Interpretations of the Story of David and Bathsheba, II Samuel 11 [summary by Moshe Garsiel] 18 177k
Moshe Weinfeld The Moloch Cult and its Ancient Near Eastern Background [summary by the author] 21 149k
New Testament and First Centuries Judaism
David Flusser The Last Supper and the Essenes 23 255k
Pinchas Lapide Hidden Hebrew in the Gospels 28 323k
Joseph Heinemann Prayer in the Period of the Tannaim and Amoraim [book description by Michael Krupp] 35 326k
Yehoshua Efron The Sanhedrin as an Ideal and as Reality in the Period of the Second Temple [summary by Gottfried Reeg] 44 281k
Chaim M.J. Gevaryahu The Parable of the Trees and the Keeper of the Garden in the Thanksgiving Scroll [translation under the supervision of the author] 50 349k
Yehoshua Amir The Messianic Idea in Hellenistic Judaism [summary by the author] 58 181k
Jewish-Christian Relations, Past and Present
David Rokéah The Jews in the Pagan-Christian Polemic from its Beginnings to the Emperor Julian [summary by the author] 61 295k
Judah Rosenthal On “Sefer Yosef ha-Meqanne”; with the publication of a new critical edition [book description by Judah Rosenthal] 68 286k
David Rudavsky The Study of Hebrew among Christians [summary by Ruth Reich] 73 240k
Contemporary Religious Life and Thought in Israel
Jacob Bazak Jewish Law: Selected Responsa [book description by B.D. Klien] 77 230k
Arie (Lova) Eliav On the Position of Religion in the State of Israel, a chapter from “Glory in the Land of the Living” [summary by Chanah Arnon] 82 231k
Eliezer Livneh The Spiritual Ecology of the Return to Zion, a chapter from “Israel and the Crisis of Western Civili- sation” [summary by Chanah Arnon] 87 270k
Moshe Zvi Neriah Against those who want to Separate the Jewish Religion from the Jewish State [summary by Chanah Arnon] 93 152k
Chanah Arnon Historical Continuity and the Value of Tradition: a Symposium among members of the “Hashomer Hatza’ir” Kibbutz Movement [summary of symposium by Chanah Arnon] 96 285k
Shlomo Goren Man and His End [translation by Donald Rossing] 102 253k