IMMANUEL 21 summer 1987

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Preface 5 -
Preface 5 -
Hebrew Bible
Binyamin Uffenheimer The Religious Experience of the Psalmists and the Prophetic Mind 7 740k
Raymond Tournay A Tribute 28 179k
Chaim Cohen Elements of Peshat in Traditional Jewish Exegesis 30 528k
New Testament and First Centuries Judaism
R. Menahem A Jewish Commentary on the New Testament: A Sample Verse 43 480k
Yehudah Liebes ‘Who Makes the Horn of Jesus to Flourish’ 55 473k
Ben-Zion Binyamin Birkat ha-Minim and the Ein Gedi Inscription 68 488k
Jewish Thought and Spirituality
Dov Rappel Maimonides as Halakhist and Pastor 80 339k
Jewish-Christian Relations, Past and Present
Åke Skoog The Jews, The Church and the Passion of Christ 89 386k
Barouh Mevorah Precursors of the Pietist ‘Institutum Judaicum’ 99 339k
Hannah Heilbrun Coleridge and Judaism 106 445k
Shemaryahu Talmon and Thomas Idinopulos  Faith to Faith: A Conversation 118 183k
Contemporary Religious Life and Thought in Israel
Shalom Rosenberg On Jewish Studies 122 266k
Ze’ev Harvey How much Kabbalah in The Star of Redemption? 128 400k
Jonathan Chipman In memoriam : Alexander Altmann 135 190k
Bulletins 138 241k