IMMANUEL 3 winter 1973/74

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Preface 7 47k
Hebrew Bible
Binyamin Uffenheimer Yechezkel Kaufmann: Historian and Philosopher of Biblical Monotheism [translation by Chanah Amon] 9 469k
Shemaryahu Talmon The Hebrew University Bible Project [book review by Shemaryahu Talmon] 22 285k
Zeev Yeivin Settlement in Judah and Samaria in the Light of the Archaeological Survey of 1968 [book review by Zeev Yeivin] 28 254k
Avi Hurvitz The Transition Period in Biblical Hebrew [book review by Moshe Ben-Asher] 34 175k
New Testament and First Centuries Judaism
David Flusser Jewish Roots of the Liturgical Trishagion 37 337k
Shmuel Safrai The Synagogues South of Mt. Judah 44 349k
Michael Stone The Apocalypse of Ezra: Translation with Commentary and Introduction by Jacob Licht [book review by Michael Stone] 51 277k
Johannes Wachten Sermons in the Talmudic Period: with a Foreword and Commentary by Joseph Heinemann [reviewed by Johannes Wachten] 57 225k
David Flusser “Did you ever see a Lion working as a Porter?” [summary by Gottfried Reeg] 61 242k
Yitzchaq Baer Pesher Habakkuk and its Time [summary and review by David Flusser] 65 122k
Jewish-Christian Relations, Past and Present
Uriel Tal Forms of Pseudo-Religion in the German Kulturbreich prior to the Holocaust 68 319k
Uriel Tal Christians and Jews in the “Second Reich” (1870־ 1914): a Study in the Rise of German Totalitarianism [book review by Lloyd P. Gartner] 74 174k
Elias Chacour The Attitude of a Christian Arab towards Israel [translation by Coos Schoneveld] 77 131k
Coos Schoneveld Israel and the Church in Face of God: a Protestant Point of View [translation] 80 210k
Contemporary Religious Life and Thought in Israel
Yehoshua Amir Yom Kippur and the War 84 203k
Coos Schoneveld Lessons of a War [summary of symposium in Petachim] 88 235k
Ze’ev W. Falk Reflections on the Case of Mamzerut 94 152k
Norman Lamm Torah for its Own Sake [book description by B.D. Klien] 97 186k
Zvi Yaron Sacred and Profane in Rav Kook’s Philosophy 101 276k
André Neher Beyond Religiousness and Secularism: a Dialectic Approach to the Problem of Jewish Identity [summary by Chanah Arnon] 107 226k
Eliezer Don-Yehiya and Cherles Liebman  Separation of Religion and State: Slogan and Content [summary by Chanah Arnon] 112 218k