IMMANUEL 5 summer 1975

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Preface 5 44k
Hebrew Bible
Yohanan Aharoni The Sanctuary of Beer-Sheba 9 318k
Jacob Licht A Portrait of the “Entziqlopedia Miqra’it” 16 114k
Samuel E. Loewenstamm The Presence at Mount Sinai [translation by Coos Schoneveld] 20 277k
Shemaryahu Talmon “In Those Days There Was No King in Israel” [translation] 27 433k
New Testament and First Centuries Judaism
David Flusser Two Anti-Jewish Montages in Matthew 37 349k
Edward Every Jews and God-Fearers in the New Testament Period 46 194k
Shmuel Safrai Pilgrimage to Jerusalem at the Time of the Second Temple [translation] 51 381k
Shmuel Safrai The Life and Teaching of Rabbi Akiva Ben Yosef [book description by Dr. Aharon Oppenheimer] 63 203k
Yehoshua Amir The Reaction of the Hellenistic World to Judaism [summary by Robert L. Dugas] 67 317k
Jewish-Christian Relations, Past and Present
David Flusser Theses on the Emergence of Christianity from Judaism 74 347k
Hava Lazarus-Yafeh Some Notes on the Relationship Between Jews and Christians Under Muslim Rule 85 310k
Contemporary Religious Life and Thought in Israel
David Hartman Jerusalem: Confrontation and Challenge 94 311k
Wolfgang Pax Jerusalem: Confrontation and Challenge - A Letter to Dr. David Hartman 102 175k
Eliezer Schweid Judaism and the Solitary Jew [book description by Alan Unterman] 108 245k
Nechamah Hillman Space Exploration and Jewish Religious Tradition: Reactions by David Flusser and Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren [summary by Nechamah Hillman] 115 235k