IMMANUEL 6 spring 1976

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Preface 3 50k
Hebrew Bible
Moshe Kochavi In memoriam: Professor Yohanan Aharoni 9 117k
Ephraim Stern The material culture of Eretz-Israel in the Persian Period, 531 -332 B. C. E. [book review by Avinoam Haimi; translation by Edna Ben-Dov] 13 212k
Ezra Zion Melammed Bible commentators [book description by Dr. Abraham Zimels] 17 166k
Binyamin Uffenheimer Cassuto as a Bible commentator [translation by Rabbi B. D. Klien] 20 400k
New Testament and First Centuries Judaism
Shmuel Safrai and David Flusser  The slave of two masters 30 189k
Aaron Oppenheimer Oral law in the Book of Maccabees 34 392k
David Flusser Jerusalem in the literature of the Second Temple period [summary] 43 172k
Varda Sussman Decorated Jewish oil lamps from the fall of the Second Temple to the revolt of Bar Kochba [book review by Michael Krupp] 46 176k
Gideon Foerster Ancient synagogues in the Judean desert and in the Jericho valley [translation by Edna Ben-Dov] 50 237k
Jewish-Christian Relations, Past and Present
Geoffrey Widoger Modern Jewish thinkers and Christianity 55 248k
Coos Schoneveld Dialogue with Jews 61 361k
David Hartman Jews and Christians in the world of tomorrow 70 471k
Yvonne Friedman Peter the Venerable and the Jews [summary of research by Michel De Goedt; translation by Daniella Saltz] 82 79k
Contemporary Religious Life and Thought in Israel
Nathan Rotenstreich Shmuel Hugo Bergman 84 285k
Shalom Lilker Kibbutz Judaism 90 304k
Gershom Scholem Explications and Implications (writings on Jewish Heritage and Renaissance) [book review by Matti Meged in Ma'ariv; translation by Chanah Arnon] 99 301k
Eliezer Schweid The Shabbat and the State of Israel [translation by Chanah Arnon] 108 146k