IMMANUEL 8 spring 1978

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Preface 5 90k
Hebrew Bible
Moshe Weinfeld Pentecost as a Festival of the Giving of the Law 7 517k
Shimon Bar-Efrat Literary Modes and Methods in the Biblical Narrative [summary] 19 424k
Yair Hoffman A New Volume of the Hebrew Encyclopaedia Biblica [book review by Ya’ir Hoffman] 32 247k
New Testament and First Centuries Judaism
David Flusser Some Notes to the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12, Luke 6:20-26) 37 455k
Ze’ev Safrai The Rehov Inscription 48 365k
Isaiah Gafni The Jewish Community of Babylonia [translation] 58 471k
Shmuel Safrai Midrashic Fragments from the Cairo Genizah — On: Zvi M. Rabinovitz — Ginze Midrash (book review by Shmuel Safrai) 69 198k
Jewish-Christian Relations, Past and Present
Ze’ev W. Falk A New Fragment of the Jewish “Life of Jesus” (with a Personal Postscript) 72 455k
Frank Talmage Kimhi’s Polemics with Christianity 80 369k
Contemporary Religious Life and Thought in Israel
David Hartman Reflections on Jewish Faith in a Secular World 88 621k
Yeshayahu Leibowitz Yeshayahu Leibowitz - Religion and Science in the Middle Ages and in the Modern Era [translation] 106 272k
Moshe Kohn A World Built, Destroyed and Built Again [symposion, summarized by Moshe Kohn 112 261k
Michael Rosenak The Jewish Thought of Baruch Kurzweil [book review by Michael Rosenak] 118 293k