IMMANUEL 9 winter 1979

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Hebrew Bible
Binyamin Uffenheimer Utopia and Reality in Biblical Thought 5 448k
Baruch Schwartz Book Review: ‘Schnaton’ - Volume II (An Annual for Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies) 16 247k
Pau Figueras Book Review: Jewish Studies at Ben Gurion University, Beersheva - on: ‘Eshel Beer-Sheva’, Vol. I 21 267k
New Testament and First Centuries Judaism
David Flusser Do You Prefer New Wine? 26 285k
Yehezkel Cohen The Attitude to the Gentile in the Halakhah and in Reality in the Tannaitic Period 32 396k
Baruch Sharvit The Sabbath of the Judean Desert Sect 42 346k
David Flusser ֹBook Review: The Temple Scroll from Qumran - Yigael Yadin’s Edition 49 208k
Menachem Cohen Book Review: Galilean Aramic; its Linguistic and Historical Significance - on: E.Y. Kutscher, Studies in Galilean Aramaic 53 273k
Marc Bergman Book Review: Joseph Heinemann’s Studies on the Aggadah 58 239k
Michael Krupp Book Review: New Editions of Yalkut Shimoni 63 405k
Jewish-Christian Relations, Past and Present
Ze’ev W. Falk The Promised Land 72 231k
David Flusser The Anatomy of Antisemitism; on Solomon Ibn Verga’s Shebet Yehuda 77 225k
Joshua Prawer Notes on the History of the Jews in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem 81 275k
Contemporary Religious Life and Thought in Israel
Eliezer Schweid a.o. The Thought of Eliezer Schweid - A Symposium 87 513k
Nissim Rejwan Private Faith and the Politics of Religion: Oriental Immigrants and the Orthodox-Secular Polarization in Israel 103 354k
Ze’ev Levi In Memory of Moshe Scwarcz 111 212k
Uriel Tal On Judaism and Humanism in Education 115 312k