IMMANUEL 15 winter 1982/83

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Preface 5 128k
Hebrew Bible
Moshe Greenberg Can Modern Critical Bible Scholarship Have a Jewish Character? 7 224k
Rolf Rendtorff Towards a New Christian Reading of the Hebrew Bible 13 270k
Benjamin Mazar Shmuel Yeivin [in memoriam] 22 143k
New Testament and First Centuries Judaism
Yehezkel Landau Martyrdom in Paul’s Religious Ethics: An Exegetical Commentary on Romans 5:7 24 474k
Menahem Kister The Sayings of Jesus and the Midrash 39 511k
Jewish Thought and Spirituality
Theodore Dreyfus Man and Reason in the Thought of Halevi and Pascal 51 396k
Rivka Schatz Existence and Eschatology in the Teachings of the Maharal (Part II) 62 360k
Avraham Grossman On “The Early Sages of Ashkenaz” [book review] 73 322k
Jonas C. Greenfield Flusser’s Jossipon, Vol. II [book review] 82 181k
Jewish-Christian Relations, Past and Present
Abraham David Notes on the Legend of the Jewish Pope 85 448k
Wesley Brown Probing the Christian Presence in the Jewish State 97 201k
David B. Burell Christianity in the Holy Land [book review] 102 167k
Peter Schneider - Selections from His Writings [in memoriam] 105 224k
Contemporary Religious Life and Thought in Israel
Ze’ev Levi The Relationship Between Philosophy and Theology in Modern Jewish Thought 110 318k
Peter Slymovics The Crisis of Modernity: Schweid’s History of Jewish Thought 118 259k
Bulletins 124 232k